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SIC Industries, LLC in Glendale Arizona

Track, Street, Off-Road and Custom Automotive Parts and Accessories

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Our Background

Established in 2003, SIC Industries LLC starting with rebuilding classic cars and fabricating auto related accessories no one else could.  From cantilever roof racks to working swing-open tailgates - we've expanded to turbo piping, fuel cells and roll cages for race cars.  We pride ourselves on creating custom dreams for car people - from backyard builders to track and off-road racers - everyone is welcome in our shop.

Customer Rides and Builds

There is no car we won't fabricate on - we specialize in custom products for custom rides - we build with the customer in mind.  We always take into account what you want, what you can budget and time constraints.

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The cars we fabricate on are on the road, off-road, cruising the street scene or racing on the track.  We don't build garage or show cars and we expect our customers to use what we build to make their ride their own.

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SIC Industries, LLC

5622 N 52nd Ave, Suite DA-2, Glendale, Az 85301

(602) 228-2507